ShrikeBot Manual 2.3

The Kick-Ass Bot

Tour of Duty <<- ->> Day of Defeat

  "He sees the shadow first: ten meters of sharp angles, thorns, blades...
 legs like steel pipes with a rosette ofscimitar blades at the knees and ankles. Then, through the pulse of hot light and black shadow, Hoyt sees the eyes.
A hundred facets, a thousand...glowing red, a laser shone through
twin rupies, above the collar of steel thorns and the quick silver chest
reflecting flame and shadow..."                                            (The Shrike)
An Introduction:   << Prev


Ok the beginning.....

Start a game with the map you want to waypoint.
And make sure there are no bots running around.

(I'll be telling you how I like to waypoint, This is not the "only way" )
It's not an easy job and it takes lot of time so be patient and keep testing.

Bring down the console by pressing the ~ key.
type: pathwaypoint on

*KeyBinds Section* (you only need to do this once)
type: bind w "waypoint add"
type: bind s "waypoint delete"
type: bind o "pathwaypoint create1"
type: bind p "pathwaypoint create2"
type: bind k "pathwaypoint remove1"
type: bind l "pathwaypoint remove2"
type: bind [ "waypoint tag"
type: bind ] "waypoint menu"
type: bind = "shrikebot menu"
type: bind i "waypoint info"
type: bind g "waypoint save"
type: bind h "waypoint load"

Save your waypoints in the console.
Type: Waypoint save
Save the waypoint after you have done a small section of the map;
(lets say a ladder or after you tidied up a small section.)
you can also bind a key to "waypoint save"



This section describes the basics of waypointing.This will get the bots up and moving in a basic manner.

Now walk all over the map leaving behind waypoint poles in a red or green color. (depends which team your on). The best way to place the waypoints is by pressing "w" while you walk, but you can also turn on auto waypointing which will place waypoints automatically every 200 units. (type: autowaypoint on)

Ok a few things to keep in mind when laying out the waypoints over the whole map.
* Place the wpts not too close to the walls.
* place the wpts not too close to each other.
* place the wpts on each side of the door way.
* Turn off autowaypointing when it's not desirable.
* Turn off autoteam when you want to use NON team specific waypoints.
* Turn off autopath when you don't want paths to your waypoints. (have to add them manually)

When autowaypointing is off you can place waypoints by pressing the "W" and remove them with the "S". (only waypoints for your own team if autoteam is turned ON)
Between the waypoints you see horizontal lines (looking just like the wpts). these lines indicate if the bot will consider that path valid. you can add or remove the pathwaypoints by using the "O", "P", "K", "L", keys. (as described in the key binds section).
Use path create1 at one waypoint and use create2 at an other waypoint, a path will then be created.
Use path remove1 at one waypoint and use remove2 at an other waypoint, a path will then be removed.

(Waypoint tags or flags can be added using the waypoint menu which is under the " [ " key.)

Im going to list all wpt tags with a brief discription.Pics will be added if the tag is difficult or requires some special techniques.

 * Pathwaypoints*
The pathwaypoints are the bots sense of navigation. They are the most important wpt. And need to be placed with great care. When you place 4 waypoints close together you'll see pathwaypoints between all of the waypoints. this is a mess. you need to remove the pathwaypoints where you don't want the bot's to move. You can remove a pathwaypoint by pressing the "K" at one waypoint and "L" at the other waypoint where you want the pathwaypoint to be removed. now ya got to do it vice versa. You can make a "one way" pathwaypoint by removing only the pathwaypoint in the direction you want.

You might want to make a "one way" pathwaypoint if you see the bots going the wrong way in a map. You only need to remove "one" pathwaypoint in the direction you don't want to bot to go. (lets say a bot runs trough a street and half way he turns around. Then remove the pathwaypoint in the beginning of the street in the direction of the bots wrong direction.)

 "One way" Pathwaypoint Examples:



Place these whre there is a flag.These are team specific so one for each team will have to be placed.In cf maps these are bots main goal.The flag tag will be added automatically.


*Door Waypoints *

Doors are easy just place a waypoint at each side of the door way and apply the door tag.
This wpt. tag will cause the bot to pause for a second allowing the door to open.
 DOOR example.



Place a normal wpt just before the object you want the bot to jump over or on to,place a "jump" tag on it.Move to the top of object and place another wpt .Add a bot  and test these,it might require some minor tweeking depending on the object.


Ammo tags are automatically added when standing close to ammo crate.



Add a regular wpt then face the direction you want bot to face and add a "Prone" tag to it..These are especially good for defensive posistions.(NOTE:BOT WILL NOT MOVE WHILE AT THIS TAG)

*Crouch Waypoint*

Waypoints are turned automatically into crouch waypoints when placed if you are crouching.
Bot will ignore any tags or flags at the crouch waypoint.

No examples will be given, use them as normal waypoints but then crouching.



And now for the testing.Start with adding one bot and let him run around and follow him or use spectator mode.(You can type in "observer 1" in console and bots wont see you."observer 0" to turn it off) If all goes well add more.Add as many bots as your system can handle.Look for spots where bots get stuck or have a hard time,edit wpts to fix.Check to make sure bots cap al flags and use ladders well.

Be patient,waypointing is a time consuming job but is very rewarding.The key is practice and testing.



Now that you have got the bots moving in a basic manner its time to get them to start doing more advanced things.



Importants are used where a bot has a choice of different routes to take. Donít use too many too close together or bot will get confused. Bots consider importants a secondary goal so if there is someplace you want the bot to go place a important there.

Do not use Important on Non Team Specific wpts (blue)

Important tag examples.



Bots will slow down and go exactly to this wpt. Place these in buildings or small doors and areas where bot might have trouble getting through.

Precision example.


*Crouch Jump*

1. place normal waypoint just before object.Add "crouch-jump tag  (mind the direction).
2. place another waypoint just on top. (almost on edge).
4. bot should now crouch jump.

Crouch Jump example.


* Sniper Waypoints*

Sniper waypoints are some what the same.
Place waypoint at a suitable location and apply the tag, apply it when facing the target.
A small blue pointer will be placed in the direction you were looking.
Donít place too many sniper spots close to each other. As the bot will choose the first blue pointer it sees. It could be pointer from a waypoint thatís close by leaving the bot looking  the wrong way. (easy target for enemies).
The sniper waypoints are placed at strategic points. Where the bot has clear view and it has a some what covered place. Use the sniper waypoints in windows, behind crates, in a dark spot, on a roof, or beside a corner. As long the bot can see far. (close range is no good for snipers as they are sitting ducks for nearby enemies)Also prone sniper spots are a excellent way to hide.Just add sniper tag and then prone tag.

Sniper Examples.



Just walk up to object and place a wpt and add "breakable" tag while facing it. Bot will shoot at object. This only works on objects which can be broken out i.e.: windows, crates, fuel drums.

Breakable example.


 *Ladder Waypoints*
Ladders are more challenging.
Go stand against the the bottom of the ladder then place a waypoint. The waypoint will be automatically turned into a ladder waypoint. Climb up to the top of the ladder so that you can just look over the edge then place a waypoint. Now go back down and connect the bottom ladder waypoint with the one at the top. Using the pathwaypoint create keys "o" and "p". use "o" at the bottom and "p" at the top and vice versa.
Ladder waypoints need to be extremely tidy. (look in the examples)

The paths leading to the ladder wpt must be as straight as possible.If path is angled bot
might have a hard time with ladder.

Ladder waypoint examples.





These waypoints are useful in small confined spaces like buildings .Both teams will follow these.

 *Prone Waypoint*

Prone waypoints are somewhat like sniper waypoints. Place waypoint then add the "Prone" tag to it. Prone tags "ARE NOT" added automatically. Place prone waypoints at strategic locations, and not to close to each other. You don't want the bots getting up then right back down again. You can add a "sniper" tag to a "prone" tag for added cover. Just remember when adding "sniper" tags to be facing the direction you want the bot to shoot.



Now that you have got a real good grip on waypointing its time to start using some of the trickier techniques. 


*C4 target*

Walk up to object you want to blow up and face it, then place a C4 tag on it. Bot will throw C4 towards target.
Bots will consider this a goal.

C4 target example.


 *Flag Goal*

This is the point which you want bot to take flag after he gets it in a cf map, usually same spot as your flag is at. In cf maps you place the flag location at the enemies flag and flag goal where your flag is.

For Day Of Defeat maps this is where you want bot to return the doccuments.

 *King Hill* 

These will be used in kh maps.Place these around the area you want to defend. Bots will go there and defend aginsed enemy and never leave. The longer youíre in the kh area the more points you score for your team.Bot will defend these point till death.


Place this tag where you want bot to pick c4 or a weapon.



This is a excellent tag to use if you want bots to move up in a squad. Bots will wait at this spot until. Bot tries to camp here. only under certain conditions.
when more as 2 bots camp at the spot they all leave.
You could use this tag as camp and meet up waypoint where bot wait for each other and move on as a squad.



Radius are a important tool in bot navigation. They allow bots freedom in movement. If a radius is small in a open area bot will make sharp turns. But if they are to large in small area bots will either fall off ledges or bump into doorways.

Play with radius to get bot to move as smooth as possible. In most cases the "radius rebuild" command will do just fine.

The waypoint radius is automatically set according to the type/area of waypoint. Use the "Radius Rebuild" command before testing your waypoints. This will resize your radius to the largest size possible without running into nearby objects. It will not rebuild any manually set radius.

To view radius make sure you have waypoints turned on then either bring up console and type "radius on" without quotes or use the waypoint menu. "radius off" turns them off.



There are three important commands to use while waypointing. These are very useful tools to help you find errors.You can either use the console or menus, which ever works best for you.

REBUILD PATHS....Rebuilds all paths and saves them to nav1 and 2 folders with error checking.


CHECK PATHS....Checks waypoints for paths. If there is a waypoint with no pathways to/from it then a error message will come up on screen. Use the "findwaypoint #" command to locate it. After you get to the waypoint then you can manually add paths to it.


SHRIKEBOT REBUILD....Deletes then Rebuilds the navigation files that are located in the "/tod/shrikebot/nav" folder. and checks paths for distance returns error number if path is to long.It also checks if there is paths to self (two paths going between waypoints in same direction) Bring up console to view results.

If you get the error message "path to self at #" the you have to go back to that waypoint and remove any multi paths. I usually find it easier to just delete waypoint and redo it.

If you get error message "waypoint path distance > 400.0 at from 11 to 435" it means the distance between waypoint numbers 11 and 435 is to great and bot will not follow it. Just delete path and add waypoint between the two and add paths.


NVA Waypoints/Pathwaypoints are red.
USMC Waypoints/Pathwaypoints are green.
Non team specific Waypoints/Pathwaypoints are blue.
The tag highest in list will be color displayed.

Team specific tags can be:
Flag (fx) tag
C4 target white tag
Flag goal white tag
KingHill white tag
Important white tag
C4 bomb/Weapon gold tag
Ammo Crate cyan tag
Ladder light blue tag
Door orange tag
Precision orange tag
breakable cyan tag
Jump cyan tag
Rocket Point white tag
Add Object To Rocket Pink Wpt tag
Mg Point cyan tag
USMC green wpt
NVA red wpt

Non team tags can be:
Ammo Crate cyan tag
Ladder light blue tag
Door orange tag
Precision orange tag
breakable cyan tag
Jump cyan tag
Non team blue wpt

All tag info can be viewed with "waypoint info" command



The following section is for Day of Defeat mod only. All other waypointing is done basically the same.


Place a waypoint at a safe distance from target (wall,vehicle). Then walk up to object to be blown up and place another waypoint. Go back to first waypoint and add a "ROCKET POINT" tag to it.(Waypoint Tag Menu:2nd menu in,#3 )

Next go back to waypoint at the object and add a "ADD OBJECT TO ROCKET" tag to it.(Waypoint Tag Menu:2nd menu in,#4 )You will notice the waypoint at the target is replaced with a small pink waypoint.

If you go back to the first waypoint and face the target and you see a purple line going to target you have done it right.

After the target is blown bots will use the "ROCKET POINT" as a regular waypoint.



Mg's are a little different than in Tour Of Duty because they can deploy.

You can place a "MG POINT" tag in the standing position anywhere the game lets you deploy(sandbags).

Prone "MG POINT" tags can be placed anywhere else.YOU NEED TO BE CROUCHED when adding the mg tag or else the little blue aim tag is to high for bot to see.The following is the procedure for making prone mg tags.

Crouch while adding a regular tag then while still crouched add "MG POINT" tag followed by a prone tag.Once again face the direction you want the mg gunner to face while shooting.

Machine Gunner and Support Infantry classes use MG points



Use the same procedure as with Tour Of Duty for placing these.You can use them on walls or vehicles.In Day Of Defeat there called Satchels or Bomb.



Place a waypoint while standing on bazooka or sachel/bomb and a weapon tag will be automatically added.Bot will drop weapon and pick up bazooka,or if its a sachel/bomb he will just pick it up.




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