ShrikeBot Manual 2.3

The Kick-Ass Bot

Tour of Duty <<- ->> Day of Defeat

  "He sees the shadow first: ten meters of sharp angles, thorns, blades...
 legs like steel pipes with a rosette ofscimitar blades at the knees and ankles. Then, through the pulse of hot light and black shadow, Hoyt sees the eyes.
A hundred facets, a thousand...glowing red, a laser shone through
twin rupies, above the collar of steel thorns and the quick silver chest
reflecting flame and shadow..."                                            (The Shrike)
Getting Started

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After downloading the installer, double-click the file, and you are greeted by the following screen:

Select the Mod you would like to install ShrikeBot to, and to what version of Half-Life you have. For example, If you have Day of Defeat for Steam, select DOD, and Steam, and then hit Install. To install ShrikeBot to a custom directory, click Browse and select where you want to install.

Download the shrikebot_23.tgz file to your steam/hlds_l/[Mod Name] directory
(i.e. /usr/steam/hlds_l/dod/shrikebot_23.tgz)
Extract it from there using tar -zxvf shrikebot_23.tgz command.
Note: ShrikeBot 2.3 for Linux was built with glibc gcc(version 3.3.3) on Fedora Core 2 and optimized for i586. It is named i386 to keep compatibility with dod. It should run on any Linux distribution with Kernel version 2.4 or higher. If it doesn't, tell us!

Steam Users are now ready to go fraggin:
Goto next manual chapter.

WON Users:
ONLY Won users need to edit there liblist.gam file. If you're running Steam don't touch it.

Edit the mod's liblist.gam file using your favorite text editor as shown below:

Edit the line that has "dod.dll" and change it to shrikebot.dll
Edit the line that has "" and change it to
Save the file and make it read only.

Edit the line that has "hl.dll" and change it to shrikebot.dll
Edit the line that has "" and change it to

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