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The Kick-Ass Bot

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  "He sees the shadow first: ten meters of sharp angles, thorns, blades...
 legs like steel pipes with a rosette ofscimitar blades at the knees and ankles. Then, through the pulse of hot light and black shadow, Hoyt sees the eyes.
A hundred facets, a thousand...glowing red, a laser shone through
twin rupies, above the collar of steel thorns and the quick silver chest
reflecting flame and shadow..."                                            (The Shrike)
Dedicated Server
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Dedicated console:
Dedicated server commands are given with a fixed prefix on the command line "shr".
bot prefix = shr

syntax = shr "addbot 1 0"
( quotes are necessary or else only the addbot is processed and not the arguments.)

Remote console:
rcon commands  are also given with the same prefix "shr".
rcon prefix = rcon
bot prefix = shr

syntax = rcon shr "addbot 1 0"
( quotes are necessary or else only the addbot is processed and not the arguments. )

    Dedicated Server
Command Listing
    addbot   See chapter 2: adding bots:    
    bot_skill 1/2/3/4/5/6   Sets the default bot skill for all new bots (that enter without pre specified skill including fill_serv and min/max_bots commands.)
best skill...
1, 2, 3, 4, 5 worst skill... 6 is random default skill !! 
    botdontshoot 1/0   Toggles botshoot mode. 1 is enabled, bots don't attack. 0 is disabled.    
    funmode 1/0   When funmode is enabled "1" then you'll get some funny things to see.

i.e.: Exploding bots, teleport graphs at bot first spawn, sniper bots uses laser spot on enemies.

    fill_serv x   Fills the server with regular class bots to x, where x is the number of max players you want. if no x argument given the server fills to max players.    
    kick_all   Kicks all bots from the server, this also stops the server being filled any further.    
    kick_all_bots x   kicks all bots if there are more or equal number of "real" clients connected as specified in X.    
    kill_all   Kills all bots on the server    
    max_bots x   Max bots command is used to keep the server filled to wanted number of players (bots).

The "max_bots" command specifies the number of players to which the server must be filled.
If a "real" client connects the server kicks one bot, the server will do this every time a client connects until the min_bots limit is reached.
If a "real" client disconnects the server will spawn one bot. The server will do so until the max_bots limit is reached.
(It can take a few seconds before a bot is added or kicked.)

Where x can be 0 to 31... Mind you always keep one slot open for a client to connect. "max_bots 32" will turn it off
    min_bots x   Sets the number of bots that can't be kicked. (always specify lower as max_bots). To turn it off specify a number outside the range    
    rebuild   deletes then rebuilds the navigation files from the current loaded waypoints    
    remote_admin "player name"   Gives access to the listenserver console commands. (only for remote clients) user gets granted if his player names matches the given password. if the command is given on the server console it self it will print a the r_admin lists.    
    sbr   displays the bot think rate every minute in the server console.    
    server_info   clients=%d, bots=%d, usmc=%d, axis=%d, max_bots=%d, min_bots=%d, addbot=%d    
    team_balance on/off   turns on team balancing for bots. they'll swap teams if one team is bigger by two     
    wptsave   saves the current waypoints    
    view_clan on/off   Shows the -=[ShR]=- clan tag in front of bot names instead of the skill.
(this command only works when view_skill is ON.)
    view_skill on/off   Shows the skill in the player score listing. (i.e. "Sgt. Mojo" where Sgt. is the skill.)
best skill... 1 = Lt. , 2 = Sgt. , 3 = Cpl. , 4 = Pvt. , 5 = Reg.   worst skill...
        The gray marked commands are buggy and are not recommended for use.
If you wish to use them, then make sure you give an argument after the command, like: "view_clan on". If no argument is given like: "view_clan" then the server will crash in an infinite loop.





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