ShrikeBot Manual 2.3

The Kick-Ass Bot

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  "He sees the shadow first: ten meters of sharp angles, thorns, blades...
 legs like steel pipes with a rosette ofscimitar blades at the knees and ankles. Then, through the pulse of hot light and black shadow, Hoyt sees the eyes.
A hundred facets, a thousand...glowing red, a laser shone through
twin rupies, above the collar of steel thorns and the quick silver chest
reflecting flame and shadow..."                                            (The Shrike)
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c = console listenserver     c s r Marks where the command can be used.
s = shrikebot.cfg            
r = rcon            
bold = default value            
Command Arg1 Arg2 c s r Explanation
addbot     c s r See addbot page.
autopath on / off   c     Select between automatically added paths or manual added paths.
autoteam on / off   c     Select between placing non team or team specific waypoints. when enabled it prevents you from editing other team waypoints.
autowaypoint on / off   c     Select autowaypointing, automatically places waypoint every 200 units.
bot botstop on / off c     Bots freeze in action.
  debug_engine on / off       not for public.
  nogoal on / off c     Bots stop selecting goals
bot_chat_drop_percent 0 / 100, 10   c s   bot_chat_drop_percent <value> - sets the percent of time bots will drop characters from chat messages. The default value is 10.
bot_chat_lower_percent 0 / 100, 50   c s   bot_chat_lower_percent <value> - sets the percent of time bots will convert chat messages to all lowercase. The default is 50.
bot_chat_percent 0 / 100, 10   c s   bot_chat_percent x - sets the percent of time bot will use the "say" command to send a bot_chat, Allowed values are 0 - 100. The default value is 10.
bot_chat_swap_percent 0 / 100, 10   c s   bot_chat_swap_percent <value> - sets the percent of time bots will swap characters in chat messages. The default value is 10.
bot_chat_tag_percent 0 / 100, 75   c s   bot_chat_tag_percent <value> - sets the percent of time bots will remove clan tags from player names. The default value is 80.
bot_logo_percent 0 / 100, 60   c s   bot_logo_percent <value> - sets the percent of time the bot will attempt to spray a custom spray logo after killing an opponent. The default value is 60.
bot_reaction_time 0/1/2/3   c s   bot_reaction_time <value> - sets the reaction time delay of the bots.     When the bots see a new enemy they will delay slightly before firing to simulate a human reaction time delay. value can be... 0,1,2,3:
0 - disables the bot reaction time.
1 - very short reaction time delay. (between 0.01 and 0.10 seconds)
2 - moderate reaction time delay.
3 - fairly long reaction time delay. (between 0.10 and 0.30 seconds)
bot_skill 1/2/3/4/5/6   c s r Sets the default bot skill for all new bots (that enter without pre specified skill including fill_serv and min/max_bots commands.)
best skill...
1, 2, 3, 4, 5 worst skill. 6 is random default skill.
bot_taunt_percent 0 / 100, 20   c s   bot_taunt_percent <value> - sets the percent of time bot will use the "say" command to send a bot_taunt message after killing another
player. Allowed values are 0 - 100. The default value is 20.
bot_team_balance on / off   c s   turns on team balancing for bots. they'll swap teams if one team is bigger by two 
bot_whine_percent 0 / 100, 10   c s   bot_whine_percent <value> - sets the percent of time bot will use the "say" command to send a bot_whine message after being killed. Allowed values are 0 - 100. The default value is 10.
botcam botname / off   c     botcam lets you see the view a bot has. Where n goes the bots name. i.e. "botcam sgt.mojo". Only available to the listenserver. "botcam off" turns it off.
botdontshoot on / off   c s   Selects botshoot mode. On is enabled, bots don't attack. Off is disabled.
delwaypoint X   c     Deletes waypoint with number specified in X.
display 18 / 3600, 30     s r see "shrikebot display"
dod_won     c s   Sets dod won compatibility mode. (don't use this command if you are not using dod won.... it will mess things up)
fill_serv 1 / 32  r c   r Fills the server with random class bots to desired number of players, if no player argument is given the server fills to max players. If the "r" option is given the the bots will join random skill.
findbot     c     Lists all bots in console with bot information.
findflag     c     Lists all flags in the map with flag information.
findimportant 1 / 3600   c     Shows the distance to the important wyapoints in the specified range. To turn it off specify a number outside the range. (range is in half-life units)
findwaypoint 1 / 1024   c     Shows find beam to waypoint specified. To turn it off specify a number outside the range
funmode 0/1/2/3   c s r When funmode is enabled "1" then you'll get some funny things to see.
i.e.. Exploding bots, teleport graphs at bot first spawn, sniper bots uses laser spot on enemies. Funmodes 2 and 3 are reserved.To turn it off specify a number outside the range
kick_all     c   r Kicks all bots.
kick_all_bots X   c s r kicks all bots if there are more or equal number of "real" clients connected as specified in X.
kill_all     c   r Kills all bots.
log_location "/path/file.txt"     s   Sets the bot program log file location. Give a path relative to the half-life folder. ie. /tod/shrikebot/logs/my_logfile.txt  (expirimental, disabled)
max_bots 0 / 31   c s r Sets the number of players the server will be filled to. (bots and humans). To turn it off specify a number outside the range
min_bots 0 / 31   c s r Sets the number of bots that can't be kicked. (always specify lower as max_bots). To turn it off specify a number outside the range
observer on / off   c     Makes you invisible to bots. listenserver only.
pathwaypoint on / off   c     Selects viewing waypoint paths.
  create1 / create2   c     Creates pathwaypoint from waypoint marked create1 to waypoint marked create2. 
  remove1 / remove2   c     Removes pathwaypoint from waypoint marked remove1 to waypoint marked remove2.
pause X     s   Sets the bot_shrikebot_cfg_pause time in seconds. the time between bots spawning in. (best to leave at default)
powerup on / off   c s r Toggles an extra funmode on and off.
powerup on adds a shield to the map which bots can use.
The shield gets placed on a flag and jumps every 15 seconds to another flag. until a bot grabs it it stays on the bot for 40 seconds. in that time the bot can only be killed with head shot or close grenade.
radius on / off   c     Sets displaying of the waypoints radius.
  rebuild   c     Rebuilds all waypoints radius settings. (without losing manual radius settings).
  set X c     Manually sets the nearest waypoint radius to X. (where x is half-life units)
r_admin_1 "username" "password"   s   Sets the username and password for a  remote_admin
r_admin_2 "username" "password"   s   Sets the username and password for a  remote_admin
r_admin_3 "username" "password"   s   Sets the username and password for a  remote_admin
rebuild         r see "shrikebot rebuild"
remote_admin "password"       r Gives access to the listenserver console commands. (only for remote clients) user gets granted if his player names matches the given password. if the command is given on the server console it self it will print a the r_admin lists.
removepaths     c     Removes all paths from/to the current waypoint.
routing on / off   c     Celects routing on and off. This feature hides all pathways and shows the bot's current route to a goal. The bots route is displayed between you and the goal. stay close to the bot and you'll se his path. Use with only ONE bot spawned in.
sbr       s r see "shrikebot rate"
shrikebot display 18 / 3600 c     Displays the shrikebot welcome message every "specified seconds"
  menu   c     Displays the addbot, kick bot, fill and bot options menu.
  rate   c     Displays the bot think rate. (how many time the BotThink() funtion is called every second)
  rebuild   c     Deletes and the rebuilds the navigation files. located in /shrikebot/nav/.... for the current map
  remove   c     Deletes the navigation files for the current map.
switch "botname"         not for public.
(switches listenserver player with bot specified in "botname"
testwaypoint     c     Use to test the nearest waypoint. Spawn a single bot in after marking a waypoint with this command, and the bot will go directly to that waypoint as long as there is a valid path to it. Useful for testing difficult or seldom taken paths. Shut it off by saving your waypoints or using the command when no waypoint near.
view_clan on / off   c s r Shows the -=[ShR]=- clan tag in front of bot names instead of the skill.
(this command only works when view_skill is ON.)
view_skill on / off   c s r Shows the skill in the player score listing. (i.e. "Sgt. Mojo" where Sgt. is the skill.)
 best skill... 1 = Lt. , 2 = Sgt. , 3 = Cpl. , 4 = Pvt. , 5 = Reg.   worst skill...
waypoint on / off   c     Toggles viewing waypoints.
  add   c     Add waypoint at current position.
  clean   c     removes all waypoints from the memory. (not from waypoint file)
  check   c     Checks waypoints for paths leading from this waypoint. no paths returns error number.
  delete   c     Deletes closest waypoint with in range of current position.
  load name c     Loads the waypoint file:: no name specified
Loads the waypoint file:: name specified
  menu   c     Displays the waypoint menu.
  info   c     Displays all tag information on a waypoint.
  save name c     Saves the waypoint file:: no name specified
Saves the waypoint file:: name specified
  stats   c     Lists and saves waypoint status/info to file.
  tag   c     Displays the waypoint tag menu.
  time   c     Sets the a pause time to a waypoint (in development)
wptsave         r see "waypoint save"






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