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The Kick-Ass Bot

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  "He sees the shadow first: ten meters of sharp angles, thorns, blades...
 legs like steel pipes with a rosette ofscimitar blades at the knees and ankles. Then, through the pulse of hot light and black shadow, Hoyt sees the eyes.
A hundred facets, a thousand...glowing red, a laser shone through
twin rupies, above the collar of steel thorns and the quick silver chest
reflecting flame and shadow..."                                            (The Shrike)
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The shrikebot.cfg file is located in the /shrikebot/ folder, if you did a default sierra installation the full path would be: C:/Sierra/Half-Life/[MOD Name]/shrikebot/shrikebot.cfg
You can edit the cfg file with notepad or any other text editor you might have. (Even ms-word, if you save the file as plain text.)

The following commands are supported in the shrikebot.cfg file:

Command Listing
    funmode 1/0   When funmode is enabled "1" then you'll get some funny things to see.

i.e.: Exploding bots, teleport graphs at bot first spawn, sniper bots uses laser spot on enemies.

    bot_skill 1/2/3/4/5/6   Sets the default bot skill for all new bots (that enter without pre specified skill including fill_serv and min/max_bots commands.)
best skill...
1, 2, 3, 4, 5 worst skill... 6 is random default skill !! 
    view_skill on/off   Shows the skill in the player score listing. (i.e. "Sgt. Mojo" where Sgt. is the skill.)
best skill... 1 = Lt. , 2 = Sgt. , 3 = Cpl. , 4 = Pvt. , 5 = Reg.   worst skill...
    view_clan on/off   Shows the -=[ShR]=- clan tag in front of bot names instead of the skill.
(this command only works when view_skill is ON.)
    bot_reaction_time 0/1/2/3   bot_reaction_time <value> - sets the reaction time delay of the bots.     When the bots see a new enemy they will delay slightly before firing to simulate a human reaction time delay. value can be... 0,1,2,3:
0 - disables the bot reaction time.
1 - very short reaction time delay. (between 0.01 and 0.10 seconds)
2 - moderate reaction time delay.
3 - fairly long reaction time delay. (between 0.10 and 0.30 seconds)
    max_bots x   Max bots command is used to keep the server filled to wanted number of players (bots).

The "max_bots" command specifies the number of players to which the server must be filled.
If a "real" client connects the server kicks one bot, the server will do this every time a client connects until the min_bots limit is reached.
If a "real" client disconnects the server will spawn one bot. The server will do so until the max_bots limit is reached.
(It can take a few seconds before a bot is added or kicked.)

Where x can be 0 to 31... Mind you always keep one slot open for a client to connect. "max_bots 32" will turn it off
    mix_bots x   Sets the number of bots that can't be kicked. (always specify lower as max_bots). To turn it off specify a number outside the range    
    kick_all_bots x   kicks all bots if there are more or equal number of "real" clients connected as specified in X.    
    botdontshoot 1/0   Toggles botshoot mode. 1 is enabled, bots won't attack. 0 is disabled.    
    bot_logo_percent   bot_logo_percent <value> - sets the percent of time the bot will attempt to spray a custom spray logo after killing an opponent. The default value is 100.    
    bot_chat_percent   bot_chat_percent x - sets the percent of time bot will use the "say" command to send a bot_chat, Allowed values are 0 - 100. The default value is 10.    
    bot_taunt_percent   bot_taunt_percent <value> - sets the percent of time bot will use the "say" command to send a bot_taunt message after killing another
player. Allowed values are 0 - 100. The default value is 20.
    bot_team_balance on/off   turns on team balancing for bots. they'll swap teams if one team is bigger by two     
    bot_whine_percent   bot_whine_percent <value> - sets the percent of time bot will use the "say" command to send a bot_whine message after being killed. Allowed values are 0 - 100. The default value is 10.    
    bot_chat_tag_percent   bot_chat_tag_percent <value> - sets the percent of time bots will remove clan tags from player names. The default value is 80.    
    bot_chat_swap_percent   bot_chat_drop_percent <value> - sets the percent of time bots will drop characters from chat messages. The default value is 10.    
    bot_chat_drop_percent   bot_chat_swap_percent <value> - sets the percent of time bots will swap characters in chat messages. The default value is 10.    
    bot_chat_lower_percent   bot_chat_lower_percent <value> - sets the percent of time bots will convert chat messages to all lowercase. The default is 50.    
    addbot   See chapter 2: adding bots:    
    kick_all_bots   Kicks all bots if there are more than or equal to the number of "real" clients connected as specified.    


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