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  "He sees the shadow first: ten meters of sharp angles, thorns, blades...
 legs like steel pipes with a rosette ofscimitar blades at the knees and ankles. Then, through the pulse of hot light and black shadow, Hoyt sees the eyes.
A hundred facets, a thousand...glowing red, a laser shone through
twin rupies, above the collar of steel thorns and the quick silver chest
reflecting flame and shadow..."                                            (The Shrike)
  BOT News ??


ShrikeBot Manual Version 1.7

updates and fixes

- chapter 3 & 4 - updated.
- chapter 5, added new shrikebot.cfg chapter.
- waypoint chapter has moved to #6.
- more waypoint instructions.
- new look...

Here is the online version: Manual version 1.7
Or look in the navigation bar on the left.

Have Fun


Shrikebot Version 1.3

updates and fixes

- fixed bomb spot waypoints.
- added breakable waypoint.
- added "don't view enemy wpts" to the menu. this option hides the enemy waypoints when waypointing in team specific mode.
- fixed path adding when non team specific. (it didn't add paths to other team wpts)
- added snipers and rocket classes kill villagers
- fixed bots don't bunny hop when seeing an enemy when standing but can't see them when ducking. so snipers should work good behind objects.
- fixed snipers aim some more.
- added sniper laser spot when "funmode 1" in on.
- added sniper stays in position of the placed waypoint. (should stay prone when he was even with enemy in sight. also crouch, standing).
- added "funmode 1" now also works when running from dedicated server.
- fixed client disconnect code which caused server crashes when real clients connect.
- should work good with admin/meta mod.
- added bot yell medic when hurt.
- added waypoint stats (to the menu).
- added "view_clan on/off"
- added sniper uses scope. (hehehe master killa.)
- added funmode.
- navigation is improved greatly.
- new waypoints for better game play.

Have Fun


Shrikebot Version 1.2

updates and fixes

- added bots yell "fire in hole" or "hit the deck" when they see a hand grenade or c4 or are about to throw c4.
- added officers yell "move out" or "spread out" when just (re)spawned.
- fixed medic's don't heal enemies no more.
- added bot yell "yes sir" or "Negative" when player yells "move out" or "spread out". (when in hearing range. all classes except the officers and the snipers).
- added medic's yell "move out" or "spread out" when done healing.
- added medic's heal players automatically (no need to yell) when they see them and are hurt more as 51% and in viewing range.
- added medic's listen to yell "medic" or "help" when in viewing range.
- fixed medic stops healing when player is full or can't be healed. (bot ignores for 5 seconds then tries again when still in viewing range).
- bot_skill ( was "botskill". 1 is best >> 5 is worst, new option 6 for random default botskill).
- added command "view_skill on/off" (lets you see the bots skill in the player score list, this goes for new bots joining the server. default on)
- addbot (options are now::
addbot x y z name.
x = team.
y = class (now also made sure that no wrong class can't spawn in wrong team).
z = bot skill (1 to 5 and 6 is random).
name = ???
- fixed addbot (when options where invalid game crashed. also fixed that no bot can spawn out side his team:. ie. a nva sapper on a usmc team....).
- added fill server command, "fill_serv xx". where xx goes the number of bots you want.
- added fill server to shrikebot menu (uses the max players setting as max).
- fixed bot walking on slopes (although I liked it when they go slow, but it caused bot stuck).
- added bot shall try to kill villager when obstructing. (only the us-regenlistee and nva-regular).
- changed bot navigation (hope they turn around less. waypointers.. use precision tags when bot tend to turn around and go back, it will turn them the right way ).
- fixed some of the guns aiming.
- optimized code (look at dll size).
- enhanced the sniper waypoint. (is now also for rocketeers and no more then 1 bot at sniper spot.. if there are more as one at spot then one will leave after random time between 15 to 35 seconds.... they might both leave).
- tried to fix the Jump waypoint (seems better... bot needs to be in same line when jumpin right way).
- Menu tags (waypoint tag menu now selects the nearest own team waypoint if "auto team" is on).
- fixed precision waypoints.
- fixed door waypoints.
- fixed navigation (overall).
- added waypoint system on/off.
- added tag viewing on/off.
- added tag/whole waypoint viewing (just for the fun of it).
- new command "shrikebot color off/tag/wpt" see above.
- added code for TFW... those who are lucky TFW beta testers can use this bot.

* dedicated server commands New !
min_bots x
max_bots x
fill_serv x

prefix = shr
syntax = shr "addbot 1 0" quotes are necessary or else only the addbot is processed and not the arguments.

on remote clients use regular rcon options.

Have Fun


Shrikebot Version 1.1

- Fixed crashing bug regarding bots killin villagers.
- Updated most waypoints.
- Fixed bot don't get stuck anymore (well atleast less as before).
- New location for navigation files (now in the "nav" folder, delete those files when game crashes or when bots act weird or get stuck).
- Rebuild Path command (deletes and rebuilds paths in game).
- More info in the forums.

Have Fun

First Public release 18-12-2002,

Shrikebot Version 1.0

In this first bot version bots will:
- Use most of there weapons depending on distance.
- Capture Flags, Bring Flags to base, Use C4 on bomb locations.
- Hold king of the hill control areas.
- Snipers and Rocketeers use the sniper spots.
- Medics heal when health is LOW.
- Run, walk, duck, crouch, prone.
- Kill villagers when in the way.
- Need waypoints to navigate over the map.
- there is more info in the forums.


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