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  "He sees the shadow first: ten meters of sharp angles, thorns, blades...
 legs like steel pipes with a rosette ofscimitar blades at the knees and ankles. Then, through the pulse of hot light and black shadow, Hoyt sees the eyes.
A hundred facets, a thousand...glowing red, a laser shone through
twin rupies, above the collar of steel thorns and the quick silver chest
reflecting flame and shadow..."                                            (The Shrike)
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New Release 06-November-2004

ShrikeBot Version 2.3.1

*Updates and Fixes

This time the max_bots function is really working
Fixed also the shrikebot.cfg handling.

How to use max_bots / min_bots ::

Either give the command on the console.
Or put it in the shrikebot.cfg

If you want different max_bots settings for various maps (big/small) then add the max_bots command to the dod_mapname_shrikebot.cfg in the \shrikebot\config folder.
If you'll have to make a map cfg your self.
You can also add addbot lines in a mapspecific.cfg its the same as for the general shrikebot.cfg however shrikebot.cfg gets only read when there is no map specific available.

So it is important not to have addbot command in
\shrikebot\shrikebot.cfg and \shrikebot\config\dod_caen_shrikebot.cfg
Or have max_bots only in shrikebot.cfg while you have dod_mapname_shrikebot.cfg files for the maps.

Have Fun


New Release 08-October-2004

ShrikeBot Version 2.3

*Updates and Fixes

-Added DOD 1.3 support
-Updated installer
-Updated waypoints for new and changed maps
-New command listing
-New waypoint load and save feature. "name option"
-Fixed flag detection (which team it is)
-Fixed min/max bots
-Added future TOD 1.3 support
-Added kick all bots if X number of real clients are connected
-Added team balance (evens teams)
-Updated waypoint engine. (new waypoint version. older waypoints might not work anymore or get updated by the bot code)
-Added limits.cfg. a new way of configuring how many and which class and team bots should join. see manual for more info.
-Removed bot.cfg functions
-And more I can't think of right now. Please visit the manual and forums for more info

It is a full release and for steam users it should work out of the box "click and play"
The installer edit's the -dll launch options into your dod/tod games button in the windows registry key. don't fear if it finds a valid -dll option already there it not doing anything and if you have already other launch options in it then the insatller asks if its ok. And ppl who don't have any options set dont get a warning / notice...

This is the last release supporting won version. The installer won't have a won option then anymore.
It might work in future but im not gunna code/develop/support/bug fix on it anymore.
From now on won users have to edit there own liblist game. (see manual)
Sorry for all but won is dead. :-\

Much more information in the update manual !!!
(its included in the new release.)

Have Fun

New PATCH release 27-march-2004,

ShrikeBot Version 2.0.1

*Updates and Fixes

- fixed DOD retail support
(the main reason for a new patch, this should not affect WON or Steam axis bot spawn behavior.)

give this command in the console if the axis bots dont spawn correctly.

- Added remote server control.
This function lets you control your server bot as if you where listenserver. All bot client commands and menu's.

You got to have rcon or adminmod access. More save is of course adminmod access. The option is activated via the (admin_)rcon with the following command.

(admin_)rcon shr "remote_admin password"

As you can see there is also a pass word involved.
The remote admin get access by playername and password.
They are stored in the servers shrikebot.cfg like this:

r_admin_1 playername password
r_admin_2 playername password
r_admin_3 playername password

No spaces in playername or password

Once logged in all listenserver client commands are your to use. The server only grants client commands from an bot-admin while hes logged on. When there are no logged in bot-admins on the server the function gets totaly disabled. untill a bot-admin logs in again.
There is no log off function yet. just disconnect and connect again.
This should also allow to have more bot-admins waypoint at the same time. ("routing bot" function is not usable because it has to much entity and console output. the connection will lagg and surly disconnect even on a lan)

The "remote_admin passwd" function can be used on all server types.
dedicated, listenserver, linux.

- added updated waypoints for DOD 1.1

Have Fun


Shrikebot Version 2.0

Everything is fully functional at this point, with the exception of voice commands and grenades. Everything else, navigation, combat, and waypointing are exceptional. While shrikebot version 2.0 is still fully compatible with Tour of Duty, the main emphasis of this overhaul was DoD. Waypointing, a Shrikebot strongpoint, has imporved even more. Enhanced waypoint testing tools makes it the easiest bot to direct yet.

*Updates and Fixes

- added DOD support  (but still in beta)
- dod rocket support.
- dod deploy points as well proned.
- all TOD functionality is in the DOD bot. (for those who know shrikebot already)
- added waypoint undo system.
- added new hud messages.
- added more waypointing functions.
- changed sniper wpt timing.
- fixed breakable wpt funtion.
- new up to date manual.
- new installer.
- added auto radius to waypoints.
- added config folder to store map specific cfg's
- added addbotcfg command. (spawns predefined bots from addbot.cfg)

Have Fun



Shrikebot Version 1.5

*Updates and Fixes

- added Officer binos support. (targets enemy snipers and rocket class)
- added steam support. (dll compatible with won and steam)
- added botcam. (listen_server can view any bots view)
- added funmode bot shield. (you'll see it's fun)
- fixed stability issues using admin/meta mod.
- added bot use better prone behavior.
- fixed m79 use. (could still be better) but it's better :-)
- fixed little bot behavior problems.
- added bot frame rate counter. (it's more like a bot think cycle counter. when turned on it displays the number of times the the bot think code was called. each second)
added "kill_all" command
changed bot movement. (tries to capture flags in sight)
- added updated manual.
- added all new updated waypoints.
- lots more...


Have Fun



Shrikebot Version 1.4

*Updates and Fixes

- added sapper suicide. (try to knife a sapper)
- added "No team kills", when friendly fire is on (maybe one on exception)
- Fixed sniper waypoint timings. (sniper now stays random
time at waypoint between 25 and 45 seconds. no timer restart yet)
- added new waypoints for better game play.
- added waypoint radius. (see manual)
- added 2 development commands. ( dev botstop : toggles bot to "freeze", dev nogoal : toggles bot wander around aimless.)
- added more diverse gun use.
- added overall code enhancements
- added updated manual.
- changed max_bots command. ( i kicked out the min bots part.
It's now only the max_bots setting.
It keeps kicking until no more bots left.
So 0 bots is possible.
It can take a few seconds before the server actually kicks or adds a bot after clients joined the game. But it will happen. Max max_bots is 31 or else no one can join the server. turn of the max_bots by entering a number higher then 31. it kicks a bot from the biggest team. and it adds a bot to the smallest team. normally the server adds/kicks a bot after a few seconds. )


Have Fun



ShrikeBot Manual Version 1.8

- chapter 6, added new admin/meta mod chapter.
- waypoint chapter has moved to #7.

Here is the online version: Manual version 1.8
Or look in the navigation bar on the left.

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